i can't live without you .. :'/

hey guys , Jessie come back again .. but it so moody today ..and also happy abit because meet my dear friends at school .. they make me smile in front :')

Actually , morning before I'm going school .. had a massage from my husband . That massage I don't want write at here , and also make me so hurt too ..

Dear boy , I had many words wanna tell you ..but , I don't know how to tell you .. I just can write at here .. I hope you will realize how much I love you .. and hope it you won't giving up on me ..

Did you know ? you write that massage for me , how much I hurt ? yeah , I know I gonna scold you last night .. just because I can't 'TAHAN' that's feeling did you know ? No , you don't know .. you just care your feeling , you didn't caring my feeling anymore ... When you moody , you must tell me right ? but this time you didn't tell me .. I don't know what was happening for you ... and you also don't want tell me in fact .. okey , it's all I also didn't mind it ... During the month , we didn't texting , calling , meeting .. just because your words .. you say you wanna alone that's month .. oke , I waiting , I'm waiting until I can't stopping my tears .. how much hurt inside my heart , I think many people must say I'm stupid right ? but , I'm sorry , that's all just because I love him .. no more someone inside my heart ...

You know how I'm thinking you ? You are my special one ...you are the present get from God .. I'm so appreciate our relationship of us .. I won't forget all words you give me ... always put inside my heart . Did you remember what you promise ? you said : ' I won't leave you if you don't make problems . ' I remember what you said to me .. I didn't doing any wrong mistake for our relationship . But , you are making problems now .. I don't mind .. I didn't angry .. I just disappointed what you doing to me right now .. I'm not you thinking that Strong . how much I waiting you come back ... but , all exchange you 1 massage that's you said you can't watching me again ..you said , no more girlfriends ... you just want friends .. can I ask ? do you think first my feeling ? did you think before you said that words to me .. ? No , I can sure to tell you .. you just mind your feeling .. you think you so hurt .. you so sad .. you so stress .. then you told me all what you don't like it ... you said , if have girlfriends just will blow your mind ? Did you thinking how I hurt you say like that ? my heart was blooding .. was crying .. how much I hurt inside but I didn't tell you .. just because I love you ...

I'm always thinking back our memory of us .. I love your voice , I love your smile .. I love you everything ..I'm hopefully you come back beside me .. it so hope it .. but I afraid you will leave me ... I swear ... I can't live without you .. please , I don't mind how much you hurt me ... I just want you come back ... Even it no more chance already ... :')

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